Sedona SN005:

•Mary Kay White Ash Body
•Flame Maple Composite Neck With Bloodwood Neck Cap
Sedona SN011:

•Light Sonic Blue Alder Body
•Maple Neck With Contoured Rosewood Fretboard
Tombstone SN003:

•Shell Pink Ash Body with Myrtlewood Top
•Maple Composite Neck with Flame Maple Neck Cap and Rosewood Fretboard
Tombstone SN006:

Tru Oil Finished Ash Body
•Flame Maple Neck
La Paz SN008:

•Mahongany Body with Flame Maple Top
•Composite Mahogany Neck with Maple Core and Rosewood Fretboard
Sedona SN004:

•Sunburst Ash Body
•Flame Maple Composite Neck with Rosewood Fretboard
Tombstone SN001:

•Butterscotch Blonde Ash Body
•Maple Neck
Sedona SN007:

•Black Alder Body
•Flame Maple Neck with Bloodwood Skunk Stripe