La Paz
I designed Saguaro laminated necks with the following features:

25" Scale
Mahogany Body with Flame Maple Top
Laquer Finish
22 Fret Mahogany Composite Neck
with Maple Core
Single Action Trussrod
Bullet style Trussrod Adjustment
Stainless Steel Frets
Delrin Nut
Your Choice of Porter Pickups
Gotoh Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Vintage Tuners
MSRP: $2250 with case
(A $750 deposit secures your order)
(plus shipping and sales tax if CA resident)
To see Bobby Devito's review of a Saguaro La Paz guitar, click on the link below:
The Saguaro La Paz retains a similar body shape of a classic single cut solid body electric, but has some improvements.  An aluminum block inside the body allows the body to be wedge shaped, which reduces the thickness of the volute at the heel, improving upper fret access. The aluminum block is also a direct connection from the neck to the tremolo studs, increasing sustain.  The wedged shaped body allows the La Paz to be lighter then most mahogany single cut guitars.  La Paz SN 008 in the photos on this page weighs
7lbs, 2.5oz.
To show the construction, below is the bottom section of the La Paz body with the aluminum block installed.  The design also allows the wiring channels to be lined with copper tubing, all of which is grounded to the aluminum block, so Saguaro guitars are very well shielded.
And below is the underside of the top section of the body showing the routed section for the aluminum block and control cavity.
To make the neck more stable, the La Paz has a maple core composite neck.
Though none of the maple is visible from the outside, the core allows the threaded inserts the neck bolts thread into to be mounted in harder maple, preventing them from stripping in softer mahogany.  The images below show the construction of a La Paz neck.
A weakness of some single cut guitars is the headstocks are prone to break off if the guitar is ever dropped.  This is due to the large amount of wood routed under the trussrod cover to fit the trussrod nut.  This reduces the cross sectional ares right where the neck is the weakest, at the headstock transition.  To increase the strength in this area, the La Paz neck has a "bullet" style trussrod adjuster nut routed in an area under the fretboard between the nut and 1st fret.
Only a small channel is routed under the trussrod cover to allow access for a 1/8" Allen wrench to make trussrod adjustments.
Below are some more images of La Paz SN 008.