I designed Saguaro laminated necks with the following features:

25.5" Scale
Ash or Alder Body
Nitrocellulose Finish
21 Fret One Piece Maple Neck
(see Neck Options for neck sizes)
Single Action Trussrod
Bullet style Trussrod Adjustment
Nitrocellulose Finish on Headstock and FretBoard
Tru-Oil Finish on Back of Neck
Stainless Steel Frets
Delrin Nut
Your Choice of Porter Pickups
Wilkinson Compensated Bridge
Gotoh Vintage Tuners
Bakelite Pickguard and Anchor Cover
Electrosocket Jack Cup
MSRP: $2000 with case
(A $750 deposit secures your order)
(plus shipping and sales tax if CA resident)
To see Bobby Devito's review of a Saguaro Tombstone guitar, click on the link below:
To see Guitar Video review of a Tombstone guitar, click on the image below:
To see Doug at Mountain Cat Guitars review of a Tombstone guitar, click on the image below:
Retaining the body shape of a classic T style solid body electric, a Saguaro Tombstone is 1.5 inches thick at the bottom strap button and being wedge shaped, it tapers to about one inch thick at the upper strap button.  This leaves a heel thickness of only 0.3 inches. The body is constructed with a two piece top and a two piece bottom.

To give the thinner heel strength, inside the body is a 7075 Aluminum "T Block".  The block ties the neck joint to the bridge plate which bolts to tapped holes in the T Block with 6-32 machine screws.
The strings feed thru a 3/16" brass anchor plate on the back side of the guitar.  The anchor plate also bolts to the aluminum T Block with 6-32 machine screws.  The CAD drawing below is a Tombstone guitar minus the body, showing how the aluminum T Block connects
the bridge to the neck and how the location of the brass anchor plate.
Below are several images showing a Saguaro Tombstone body.  For those that feel the standard T shaped body cuts into their ribs will find the wedge shaped body alot more comfortable, eliminating the need for a tummy cut.