All Saguaro guitars can be custom ordered to your specifications.  Below are general guidelines for neck options, but let me know what you want, I'll do my best to make it for you.
Sagauro necks come in three styles:

•One piece maple with walnut or koa skunk stripe
•Maple with slab rosewood * fingerboard with walnut or koa skunk stripe
•Laminated flame maple neck with contoured rosewood * fretboard with no skunk stripe
•Left hand available at standard costs (custom order only)
*Other woods available, email for details.
•Single action truss rods with bullet style adjuster at neck.
•6105 (0.055" x 0.090") stainless steel frets come standard.  Other sizes and Nickel/Silver fret wire offered at no extra charges.  Basically, if I can get it, you can have it.
•You can order your neck with nearly any neck profile and thickness (within reason of course) for no extra charge.  I will send a CAD drawing of the profile for your approval.
•Any fretboard radius from 7 1/4" to 20" at no extra charge.  (Sorry, no compound radius available at this time).
•8-32 Stainless threaded inserts for neck bolts
•All necks have standard  2 3/16" width with 4 bolt heels. (yes, standard replacement necks will fit)
All custom orders require a $750 deposit.